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John ("Larry") Tracey is an Irish instrumentalist and vocalist from Belfast. Having played various instruments for over 20 years (guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin) he has now established himself primarily as an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist.
Affectionately described by Gary Lutton (Guitar Star UK winner, 2015) as a 'guitar genius', Tracey's music incorporates the sounds of blues, folk, jazz, ragtime and rock, and has taken inspiration from artists and composers such as Tommy Emmanuel, Randy Newman, James Taylor, Koji Kondo and Alan Menken.
In the contemporary world of fingerstyle guitar where complex effects, percussive playing and open tunings prevail, Tracey takes a more melodic and transparent approach to his arrangements and compositions. Using nothing but his hands and his guitar, his clear, memorable melody lines shine through dynamic harmonies and rhythms. John Tracey is releasing his debut solo album, Dangerous To Go Alone, in early 2018.
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